Hobby Projects

Project “Goo Go Home”

Small hobby project. You are a small Goo Cube traveling through levels full of hostility and menaces. You can stick to certain surfaces, which will help guide you back home to your Goo Family. Developed in Unity Game Engine for Mobile Platforms.

Project “Noir”

A hobby and learning project experimenting with the audio/visual atmosphere and aesthetics of Noir / Sci-fi Noir. For a non-to-be interactive narrative game/experience. Modeling, scene dressing, light setup and animation done in Blender. Editing and color grading in Vegas Pro.

Proejct “AI”

A hobby and learning project experimenting with utilizing AI generated content for faster modeling, texturing and setting up 2.5D point n’ click scenes in unity.

AI generated modeling sheets / references from Midjourney v4. Modeling in Blender from front, side and back view. Texture projections from the different views in Blender and edited into a final texture combining the different projections in Adobe PhotoShop. Rigged and animated in Adobe Mixamo and set with a simple Point n’ Click scene in Unity Game Engine.

Environment scene generated with Midjourney V 4. Camera information collected utilizing FSpy to determine vanishing points. With the collected camera/image information I made base floors/roads, block out of buildings etc in Blender and exported to Unity for collision and navigation mesh purposes.